Resourceful production company delivering media of style and substance to clients including English Heritage, Royal Society of Chemistry and danceroom Spectroscopy (dS). We make docs, dramas, promos in response to contemporary and timeless issues, and speculative design fictions exploring possible futures. RGF can assemble professional crews and full service production solutions for all budgets at short notice. To discuss your communication needs email: or call +44 7989 856075.

RGF represents award winning Writer / Director Nathan Hughes, selected for London Screenwriter's Festival's Talent Campus and Future Encounters 2012 (a showcase of 10 filmmakers whose work demonstrates 'a distinctive cinematic and/or artistic vision.') Nathan works with fluid configurations of people, place and technology to investigate the interplay of mind, myth and screen, and as a media consultant and research collaborator with academics and PhD candidates from Environmental Humanities, Heritage & History, and Human Computer Interaction.

on location for Worms 2011
Abnormal Forms